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What is Birch Water?

For the last week we've been posting on our social media channels about birch water; how it's made, and why it's awesome. Here is a roundup of some of the reasons why Säpp should be your new go-to for hydration:


Birch water is pure sap from birch trees. It's known as "birch water" because of its clear appearance and easy-to-drink nature, just like water (but better!), and we never dilute with added water.


Birch trees are one of life’s natural filters.  They spend the entire year absorbing rich and diverse minerals from the soil they grow upon. During a few weeks in the springtime, birch trees are tapped to yield a refreshing drink.


The diagram above shows how we extract Säpp from nutrient and mineral saturated birch trees in early spring.


At Säpp we're all about simplicity and sustainability. We work with local farmers to ensure delivery of the most authentic, organic birch water.


Our sourcing practices are designed to support the ecosystem in which our trees exist. A mature birch tree can produce up to 25 gallons of sap per season, but we only take a small portion of that so our trees have a chance to rest.


We avoid using the same trees two seasons in a row, so they can continue to grow and thrive in their environment and never get tapped out (pun intended).


Traditionally known for its low sugar content, minerals, antioxidants, and detoxifying benefits, birch water is considered a source of detox in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. 


Rich in minerals, particularly manganese: one bottle contains five times the amount in a cup of kale.


The taste of birch water is pure, awakening, and refreshing. It's lightly sweet with a woody accent. 

Säpp Smoothies for Every Occasion


There's nothing worse than falling into a smoothie rut. The same concoction day after day can get super boring, making you want to reach for a less healthy option, so it's important to keep switching up your nutrient-dense treat with new ingredients to keep your tastebuds happy.

As far as function goes, you also want to make sure your smoothie ingredients are best suited to your nutrition goals, so you get the most out of your liquid meal. For example, you'll want your smoothie to be a bit more hearty with the addition of nut butter and banana if it's serving as your breakfast or meal replacement, and you'll want it to be a bit lighter with an extra dose of nutritents (read: leafy greens) if you are detoxing.

As luck would have it, Säpp Birch Water is not only a fantastic hydrator on its own, it makes an awesome addition to your smoothie. Each flavor provides a unique taste and added nutritional punch whether you're having breakfast on the go or refueling after an intense workout.

Here are three smoothie recipes tailored to fit any occasion wheather it's for Breakfast, Detox, or to refuel Post-Workout using our three signature flavors: Original, Nettle, and Rosehip.

Bottoms up!



Original Säpp Birch Water

Large handful of organic spinach

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 frozen or fresh banana

Optional 1/4 cup of nut milk,




Nettle Säpp Birch Water

One whole orange peeled

Frozen or fresh pineapple

Sprig of cilantro

Handful of organic spinach or kale

Squeeze of lemon




Rosehip Säpp Birch Water

1 frozen banana

Few frozen strawberries

Quarter cup nut milk

Vanilla plant protein powder



Säpp + Whole Foods Market


This year we made our way into Whole Foods Market locations on the east coast with more locations to come. We are so thrilled to be on the Whole Foods shelves alongside all of the best brands in the healthy food and drink industries, and we have been lucky enough to participate in some of their awesome in-store and local community events. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite Whole Foods events so far:


Paramus & Ridgewood - Back in May Säpp teamed up with Whole Foods Paramus and Whole Foods Ridgewood along with the Teaneck Creek Conservatory, a non-profit environmental center in Bergen County, NJ for Springfest with the theme "Water and Wellness." The event included environmental presentations, tours through the park, live music, and of course, what's better to showcase the theme of Water and Wellness than Säpp Birch water?!


Fairfield, CT - On June 1st we helped Whole Foods Fairfield celebrate their 5th Birthday with a special outdoor BBQ. Säpp was on hand to hydrate everyone on this super fun summer kick-off celebration. 


Princeton, NJ - On the afternoon of June 18th we participated in the Giving Grill event at Whole Foods Market Princeton to benefit the US Rowing Team who were on site before heading to the Games in Rio. The event included an awesome BBQ and featured some of Whole Foods' finest, including Säpp Birch Water to fuel the athletes and event-goers. We had such a blast sending off the rowers and wish them the best of luck at the Games this summer. Go Team, GO!


Annapolis, MD - June 19th we hydrated yogis for a free outdoor Rooftop Yoga event, hosted by Whole Foods Annapolis and lululemon athletica and led by instructor Tina Lanzoni. The event was held on the roof of the Whole Foods garage, and participants enjoyed a light breakfast and hydrating Säpp Birch water afterwards to seal in the goodness of their practice.


Upper West Side, NY - On June 19th we participated in the very first Harlem One-Mile Race along with Whole Foods Upper West Side, and presented by Harlem United and Harlem Run. Harlem Run is a community group based in Harlem that meets once a week to run together in the neighborhood. This was their very first big event, and hundreds of runners signed up to participate. Säpp was on the scene to hydrate the runners and cheer them on. 


Danbury, CT - Most recently, we celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ at the Danbury Fair Mall, which is across the street from Whole Foods Danbury.  There were thousands of people in attendance to watch fireworks, live music, and of course, enjoy lots of food and drink, including Säpp Birch Water to keep the crowd hydrated into the night. 


Columbus Circle, NY - Today, June 13th, we're joining Whole Foods Columbus Circle and Lincoln Square BID for the Lincoln Square Summer Lunchtime Concert Series at Richard Tucker Park on 66th Street and Broadway from 12PM-2PM. Stop by and enjoy your lunch outside with live music and Säpp Birch Water. Hope to see you there!


Your Local Store! - Be sure to follow us on Twitter for up-to-date info on events in your area and sampling information. We know how much you'll love Säpp once you try it, so we'll be sampling all three birch water flavors at Whole Foods locations where Säpp is sold regularly. Keep your eyes peeled for a sampling near you, and visit our site to find Säpp near you! 

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Säpp Summer Playlist


Summer wouldn't be complete without a kick-ass soundtrack to have on repeat wherever you go. Whether it's at the beach, on a hike, in the car, or fueling your summer BBQ, here are our favorite summer jams to rock out to all season long.



Backyard Retreats: A Guide to NYC’s Best Parks

Image by Säpp

Image by Säpp

While city-living is consistently exciting and provides seemingly endless sources of energy, it’s important to know where to escape when you need to wind down, re-center, and connect with nature. Research shows that getting outside and surrounding oneself in nature can actually make you healthier.

Luckily, there are several amazing retreats smack-dab in the middle of our favorite cities. Introducing the first installment of our Backyard Retreats series, where we list our favorite parks in major cities. No need to ship out for a weekend getaway, these spots are easily accessible and will give you that extra dose of calm you need in a pinch, whether you’ve carved out all Sunday afternoon or just have your lunchbreak to spare.

First we’re tackling NYC. Here are our favorite backyard retreats by neighborhood:


Uptown: Central Park

Perhaps the most obvious choice; this iconic and enormous park of 843 acres was the nation’s very first public park. Located in the middle of upper Manhattan, it is a landscape architecture masterpiece, designed by Fredrik Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. If you’re a New Yorker, you probably already know it well, and if you’re visiting, it’s likely a stop on your itinerary. Our advice: explore all this park has to offer.  Make it a destination for your next run, picnic, quiet meditation, or to curl up under a tree with a good book. No NYC summer is complete without at least one afternoon spent in Sheep’s Meadow, and unlike some of the other parks on our list, in Central Park you can truly find yourself lost in nature in the middle of the city.

Image by Säpp

Image by Säpp


Upper West Side: Riverside Park

Also designed by Olmstead, this waterfront park spans from 72nd Street to 158th Street along the Hudson River. The tree-lined promenade is a magical place to take in the scenery while enjoying a stroll, jog, or bike ride. Stop by the Boat Basin on your way home for a reward.

“cherry walk, riverside park” by Charley Lhasa is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

“cherry walk, riverside park” by Charley Lhasa is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0


Chelsea: The High Line

Developed originally as a train route in the 1930s, The High Line was recently revitalized and repurposed as a public park and walkway above ground. It is a modern feat of landscape architecture genius created by the collaboration of James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Piet Oudolf. The greenery on The High Line was inspired by the self-seeded plants that grew on the unused railways after they were shut down in the 1980s. “The species of perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees were chosen for their hardiness, sustainability, and textural and color variation, with a focus on native species.”-Friends of the Highline. Fun fact: Säpp source, birch trees, are part of this impressive vegetation lineup, so keep your eyes peeled for them! The High Line, which is exquisitely integrated into the city landscape, features street vendors, art installations, and even food along its route, so you can enjoy a bit of culture while you unwind.

Image by Säpp

Image by Säpp


Greenwich Village: Washington Square Park

Also rich in history is Washington Square Park, with its iconic Washington Centenary Arch, built in 1892. While not the best place to escape city life (the park is often super busy, making for some great people watching), Washington Square Park is a great place to meet a friend for coffee, tea, or with a bottle of Säpp for a mid-day catch-up. 

“Washington Square Park” by fortes is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

“Washington Square Park” by fortes is licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0


The Battery: Battery Park

Located at the very bottom of Manhattan where the Hudson and East Rivers meet, Battery Park is a lovely place to take in the water views and enjoy a new perspective of the city – and Lady Liberty. It’s easy to get lost in the midst of the tall buildings and the street grid – it can make the city seem endless, but once you find yourself in Battery Park, looking out at the water, it can elicit a new and refreshing point of view. Take some time to enjoy the 10,000 square foot Garden of Remembrance, which pays tribute to the survivors and lives lost in 9/11, and also to those visiting the garden seeking hope and optimism.

“Battery Park” by m01229 is licensed by CC BY 2.0

“Battery Park” by m01229 is licensed by CC BY 2.0


Brooklyn: Prospect Park

The Brooklyn version of Central Park (also designed by Olmstead and Vaux), this gorgeous 585-acre sanctuary merges several neighborhoods and is another beautiful opportunity to explore nature in the middle of the city. Pack a picnic for Long Meadow field, get lost on the many tree-shaded trails, and make sure to check out the glamourous historic landmark, The Boathouse, which is tucked neatly in the middle of the park on a serene pond. 

“Spring walk in Prospect Park” by Teri Tynes is licensed by CC BY 2.0

“Spring walk in Prospect Park” by Teri Tynes is licensed by CC BY 2.0


Greenpoint, Brooklyn: McGolrick Park

A lovely, quiet 9-acre enclave in the middle of Greenpoint, McGolrick is a nice alternative to some of the more populated parks nearby. Great big trees provide excellent shade on a hot summer day. 

“McGolrick Park” by erin is licensed by CC BY 2.0

“McGolrick Park” by erin is licensed by CC BY 2.0


There you have it! We hope this will encourage you to #GetOutside, and explore the city’s green spaces. As always, make sure to be safe – don’t stay in the park after dark, and if you’re wandering around, be sure to bring a buddy. Enjoy and happy trails!

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Säpp Birch Water, Vodka and Aperol Cocktail Recipe

sapp birch water new york city healthy cocktail

Now that the warmer weather is approaching and summer is just a skip away, we're feeling the alfresco vibes and are ready for summertime drinking. And while we love to crack into a chilled bottle of rosé, we wanted to share one of our favorite low-sugar cocktails made with Säpp birch water that's perfect for balmy evenings or afternoons in the park. 

Makes one cocktail:

  • 1 oz. Belvedere vodka
  • 1/3 oz. Aperol
  • 1/3 oz. fresh lime juice
  • Topped with 4 oz. Säpp birch water

Pour all ingredients into a highball glass and serve with hand-cracked ice and a fresh basil or mint garnish. It's an incredibly refreshing long drink that is tart, sharp and not too sweet. Essentially, it's summer in a glass – happy drinking!

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipe: Kale, Birch Water and Granola

birch water new york city smoothie bowl recipe healthy kale rude health

For those mornings when you can't decide: granola or smoothie? Just have both, because why not! In less than 10 minutes (with just a bit of pre-prep), you can be tucking in to this deliciously nutritious combination of kale, birch water, chia seeds and granola. It's utterly filling with a beautiful crunch from the granola. The banana gives it a rich frozen yogurt-like texture, and those chia seeds will give you a whack of antioxidants and fiber to get you going.

Makes one smoothie bowl:

  • Handful kale (keep a bag in the freezer for such occasions)
  • 1/3 cup of Säpp organic birch water
  • 1/3 cup of Rude Health Oat Drink
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp activated chia seeds (i.e. soaked for at least 30 minutes or overnight)
  • 1 tbsp toasted coconut
  • 6 raspberries

Put all ingredients apart from coconut and granola into blender and blend until smooth. Then pour into a bowl and top with granola, a few extra raspberries, and the toasted coconut. If you have some other bits and bobs lying around that you're keen to use -- throw them in as well! Keep it playful pals.

Birch Water, Berry and Oats Smoothie Recipe

birch water new york city smoothie rude health

For a tart, sweet and deliciously nutritious start to your day – we've partnered up with the fabulous folks at Rude Health to come up with this sippable smoothie recipe for you to enjoy. With a whack of potassium from the banana, fibre from the oats and flaxseeds, and manganese from the raspberries and birch water – you'll be full, fresh and ready for the day.

Makes one smoothie:

  • 6 raspberries

  • 1/3 cup Rude Health Organic Ultimate Almond

  • 2 tbsp Rude Health Smoothie Oats

  • 1/3 cup Säpp organic birch water

  • 1 tsp flaxseeds

  • 1/2 a frozen banana

  • 1 ice cube

Put all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Serve with a fresh mint or basil sprig for a pop of colour and freshness. Then pour yourself a cup of Rude Health Granola Strawberry & Raspberry to have alongside and you'll have that full berry experience.


Six Reasons to Drink Birch Water Every Day

It’s winter. You’re feeling glum. The lack of sunshine, the relentless wind, and our flailing social calendar are hardly inspiring. So why not add a bit of natural boosting birch water into your daily routine? We swear it’s better than hibernating until spring. Refreshing and energy boosting, this nature on tap is pure power.

birch water new york city sapp low sugar

1. Lower your sugar intake

Rather than reaching for a sugary soda or syrup-filled vanilla latte, grab a birch water which has 70-80% less sugar than coconut water – that’s just under 1g per 100ml. With its refreshing and delicately subtle taste, you won’t be missing that whack of sugar any time soon.

birch water new york city sapp prevent stress

2. Prevent stress

Birch water is rich in manganese – it has five times the amount of a cup of kale – which helps to prevent stress. Plus it boosts your metabolism and improves your blood pressure.

birch water new york city sapp sustainability

3. Promote sustainability

From sourcing to bottling, simplicity and sustainability are at the core of our offering. Producing birch water is not detrimental to the birch trees and is a completely sustainable practice. There is only one time of the year to harvest the liquid – early spring, when the sap runs up the inside of the trunk to provide nutrients for the new leaves growing on the branches. It can be collected by driving taps into the base of the trunk or by cutting off the end of one of the branches and attaching a bottle.

birch water new york city sapp nature low calorie

4. Get back to nature

Sapp birch water is an all-natural, low calorie drink that you can enjoy on any occasion with less than 10 calories per bottle. And each sip brings you that much closer to earth and all of its wonderful nutrients.

birch water new york city sapp nature

5. Detox

Birch water is a great source of detox and is the perfect guilt-free refreshment – whether it’s post-workout or post-night out. Keep an eye out for our detox subscription to help you revitalise after intense periods.

Säpp's Top 5 Detox Tips

birch water new york sapp detox tips san francisco beach

Here at Säpp birch water (New York City HQ) we broke into 2016 with confidence that we could tackle any detox/veganuary challenge that was thrown our way. And now that we’re at the end of February, we want to keep those clean eating and drinking vibes going throughout the year. But where can we make those easy shortcuts to keep up the detox without too much difficulty? Well fear not, we’ve banged together a short list of five detox tips to keep up those resolution vibes.

birch water new york city sapp san francisco bridge

1. Fresh air

This might seem intuitive yet so many people neglect getting enough fresh air on a daily basis. Yes, we’re talking to you lunch-break skippers! So step away from your desk and go outside for a proper break – even that little walk to and from the office will give you some much needed fresh oxygen which helps our blood to circulate more efficiently. This helps to move toxins around our body towards our kidneys and liver where they are flushed out of the body. And to our fellow New Yorkers, even NYC air counts as fresh (enough).

birch water new york city sapp nature detox

2. Drink more birch water

Yeah, you probably figured this one was going to be in here… but it really is one of the easiest ways to detox with absolute minimal effort. Birch water flushes out your system by keeping your kidneys, liver, colon and lymph nodes running efficiently. A trick to knowing you’re hydrated: you’ll probably need to pee every few hours (sorry if you think that’s an overshare, but it’s a failsafe method).

3. Light exercise

Hitting the gym hard for an hour each day is not the only way to stay active and fit. Cut yourself some slack folks… maybe instead of grabbing the train home, you decide to walk. Or if you can squeeze 15-30 minutes of extra time into your morning routine, then maybe try 30 days of yoga with Adriene. She’s a lovely, spritely gal who will put a bit more cheer into your AM sched – it’s free and if you’re not a yogi yet, then this is a perfect intro. If you’re a yoga pro, then this is a beautiful way to warm up and open your body for the day.

birch water new york city sapp detox

4. Eat mindfully

Again this may seem obvious, but we’re all guilty of eating mindlessly – i.e. staring at a computer screen/TV or chowing down on a sandwich while on the go. But if we really make the effort to take the time to sit down, grab some cutlery, and look at as well as chew our food properly – then we might all be amazed at when we actually start to feel full. And you might not finish your whole plate, which means you’ll have a snack for later (win, win). This mindful eating will lend itself better to portion control, curbing hunger and ultimately to a better diet and digestion. While we’re on the topic of mindfulness, try to be more mindful in your day-to-day. By practicing yoga, taking walks or meditating – you’re lessening your stress levels which puts less pressure on your body and ultimately helps your metabolism to be more efficient.

birch water new york city sapp detox tips nature

5. Green it up

Maximise your nutrient intake by simply adding more greens to your diet. Rather than focusing on limiting yourself or cutting down, just up your green veg quotient and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. It's the easiest detox you'll ever do. You'll be fuller, more pumped with energy, and happier than ever before. So grab that kale and tuck in!

Säpp Organic Birch Water: The 6 Best Breakfast Smoothies

Here at Säpp birch water New York HQ, we like to kick off our day with a whack of nutrients but without any sacrifice of flavor. We’ve rounded up six of our top drinkable breakfast smoothie recipes from some of the world’s best healthy bloggers and chefs. So raise your glass and enjoy!


1. Sweet sustenance smoothie from Crazy Sexy Juice

This hearty, nutty creamy smoothie is a sweet and filling way to kick off your day. Made with oats, banana, cinnamon, almond butter and a non-dairy milk of your choice – it’s utterly sumptuous and feels like you’re indulging but without any of the guilt of refined sugars and the like.

2. Happy digestion smoothie from Oh She Glows

This green and spicy smoothie is perfect for helping to aid digestion when you’re just not feeling quite 100%. So with a mix of pineapple, fresh ginger, parsley, avocado, banana and lemon – you’ll be drinking down a whole slew of vitamins that have dozens of anti-inflammatory benefits and are perfect for boosting your immune system and flushing out toxins (just like our very own organic birch water). 

New York has some of the best organic grocery stores to get all the fresh ingredients you need to make the best smoothies. Check out our top picks here.

3. Peach, cashew and bee pollen smoothie from Honestly Healthy

This is one of our favourite sips at Säpp birch water New York HQ – a fresh, lightly tart yet full-flavored breakfast smoothie option – the peach gives you that lifting kick you crave on slower mornings. When you want a break from oats and porridge, this is a damn tasty fruit-forward option. Plus the banana, coconut milk and cashew butter will all be sure to keep you fuller for longer.

4. Butternut squash smoothie recipe from Wholeheartedly Healthy

This is winter in a cup: with roasted butternut squash (cooled), vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and ginger – there is nothing that will put you into the festive mood better than this cup of veggie goodness. And with butternut squash’s natural sweetness, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth cravings straight off the bat.

5. Beetroot cinnamon smoothie from Hemsley and Hemsley

During the festive season we’re all inclined to indulge a bit more in things that are less than good for us, which is why we at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) like to keep our bodies in check with detoxing ingredients like beetroot. This smoothie is then filled out with almonds, banana, avocado, spinach, coconut oil and given a kick of extra sweetness with cinnamon, desiccated coconut and raw cacao nibs. It’s utterly delicious and will give you that detox you so thoroughly crave (especially when you have it alongside a bottle or three of birch water).

6. Anti-inflammatory berry, watermelon and ginger smoothie from The Full Helping

A really exciting, new find at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) is The Full Helping, with so many great recipes by NYC-based health writer and guru The Full Helping.  We love this concoction created in her own ‘tiny’ New York kitchen. A fruity, frosty and fiery number, this smoothie is perfect for a lighter breakfast or an on-the-go snack. While the watermelon and berries give it that summer sipping feel, the addition of chia seeds and avocado give it enough depth to last through winter. Our sugar-reducing tip? Swap the coconut water for our own organic birch water to ditch those extra cals and ramp up on the manganese.

Säpp Organic Birch Water: Top 11 Healthy Winter Recipes

Winter is coming… and to stop you from going into instant hibernation mode at the thought of sub-zero temperatures, the team at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) have put together some of our favorite healthy winter warmers to see you through these dark, chilly times.

1. Warming pumpkin and butterbean bowl

This seasonal recipe from London wellbeing guru Madeline Shaw, is a firm favorite with the Säpp birch water team. We love the sweet burst the pomegranates add to this warm, rich vegetable dish.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: This is the perfect dish for meal-prep Sundays. Cook up a big batch, freeze in small portions and defrost throughout the week for quick, healthy, comforting dinners.

2. Ayurvedic green juice-soup fusion

This best-selling green soup from Kye’s Montana in Santa Monica, is the ultimate way to get all the detoxing benefits you usually drink in with a chilled green morning smoothie.

As Well + Good’s’ Sari Tuchman says: “Remember that whole ‘apple a day’ thing you grew up hearing? It’s kind of like that, only multiplied by 100.”

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: For the best results and to get straight to the cooking, make sure you soak the cashew nuts overnight.

3. Cauliflower, pear and fennel soup with parsnip chips  

Another great dish for prepping, freezing and enjoying on lazy winter days is this nourishing recipe from NYC’s eat.real.food. The sweet combo of cauliflower, pear and fennel is given the perfect finishing touch with these crunchy parsnip chips.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: This healthy winter warmer is the perfect excuse to cook up a big batch of parsnips chips to snack on during the week. We save ourselves time with a handy spiralizer

4. Vegan tortilla soup

This hearty soup is a must-try for any tofu lover. It’s filling, full of flavour and totally vegan-friendly. As Clean Food Dirty City points out, "It’s also great when you are traveling since you can find the ingredients in any grocery store."

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: If you’re not on a vegan diet, you can mix up this recipe with chicken instead of tofu for an equally delicious protein fix.

5. Spicy buckwheat noodles with tamarind sauce 

With so much veg on one plate, this is a such a feel-good dish to boost your immune system during cold winter days. We can’t get enough of the sweet and sour sauce with its chilli, maple syrup and tamarind mix – it’s absolutely divine.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: If you’re following a low fodmap diet, get your garlic flavour with garlic-infused oil instead.

6. Dal stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a winter staple for the Säpp birch water team, and we love how they’re used in this quick vegetarian and organic meal. The balance of warm sweet flavours and rich spices is delivered to perfection.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Check out our favorite healthy NYC grocery stores here, where you can track down all your weekly spices and fresh, organic veg.

7. Gluten-free pumpkin dumplings with radicchio

These gluten-free dumplings are super light and super moreish. They’re also a lot easier to cook up than they look, making an impressive and hassle-free offering for dinner guests.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: We like our dumplings with a slightly firmer texture than the original recipe so as instructed, we slowly added more gluten-free flour, 1 tablespoon at a time, to the pasta dough.

8. Cannellini bean stew

Health goddess Deliciously Ella calls this creation ‘the world’s quickest stew’ - ideal for a quick comfort hit that you get from traditional winter stew. Very helpfully, she’ll also join you in the kitchen with this how-to video

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: To make sure you get this dish absolutely spot on, check out Deliciously Ella’s marinated kale recipe here

9. Hearty black bean and corn soup

This dish is as delicious as it looks, with a jam-packed combination of sweet corn, black beans, zucchini, tomato and vegetable stock, cilantro, lime, jalapeno, AND avocado.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Sprinkle hemp or chia seeds on top of your soup to get an added protein boost.

10. Lentil soup with chipotle yogurt

This vibrant, fiber-packed lentil dish is such a great healthy winter warmer. Although it might be tempting to be super-health conscious and cut out the chipotle yogurt topping, please don’t! It completely makes the dish. Just make sure you’re not overly generous with your chipotle serving and you’ll be fine.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: We absolutely love pairing this meal with some fresh out of the oven superfood bread. Check out our favorite recipe here


11. Cauliflower Brie Gratin

Admittedly, this is quite the naughty and decadent dish but a healthier take on everyone’s all-time favorite comfort food – good old mac n cheese! It’s a timeless meal that you can enjoy on its own or as a side dish.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Swap brie for low fat or lactose-free cheese if you’re looking for a less calorific or dietary-friendly meal.

Säpp Organic Birch Water: New York’s Top 7 Healthy Brunch Spots

If you’re feeling like swapping your Bloody Mary and stacks of French toast for buckwheat pancakes and birch water, New York is home to some great healthy havens to satisfy your late breakfast cravings. Here are seven of our favorite healthy brunch spots in New York for you to check out this weekend. Happy brunching!

1. Chalk Point Kitchen – 527 Broome St, between Thompson St and Sullivan St, NY, NY 10013

With a brunch menu that’s received rave reviews from the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Wall Street Journal, Chalk Point Kitchen’s menu is all about locally sourced, organic and sustainable dishes cooked up by Michelin-starred chef Joe Isidori. Non-alcoholic cocktails like kale apple mary or pineapple pomegranate tonic are the perfect match for the chef’s delicious organic egg plates and fresh salad bowls. Our go-to brunch order is a side of grilled watermelon, a carrot blood orange cocktail and quinoa bowl with organic upstate kale, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachio, lemon and warm goat cheese. Delicious.