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Sapp Birch Water

A place where you can discover the purest natural and organic water, packed with the
nutrients you need to improve your overall health!

Organic Birch Water

This is all-natural, with no industrial processing and no additional preservatives, making it safe and nutritious to drink.

Natural Filters

Consume water filtered directly from birch trees, which operate as a natural filter, making it ideal for drinking.

About Birch Water

Birch water is a sap from birch trees. Birch trees are one of life’s natural filters: they spend the entire year
absorbing rich and diverse minerals from the soil they grow upon.

Nature begins to blossom

Natural sap awakens the birch tree

Naturally electrolyte rich

Make Sapp Part of Your Day

birch water


Pure birch water filtered naturally by birch trees – made by forests, not formulas.


10 calories with no added sugars - 80% less sugar than coconut water!


Rich in minerals, particularly manganese: one bottle contains five times the amount in a cup of kale.

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Mathew Everett

Sapp Birch Water has never failed to give me high-quality birch water, which has helped improve my general health.

Mathew Everett

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