why water is important for a personal training session

why water is important for a personal training session

Did you know that around 60% of the adult human body is made up of water? Just knowing that fact should help you to understand why water is so vital to our survival. The other thing you need to be aware of is how we lose water. Sweat is one of the most obvious, and when we exercise, we sweat, so it is really important to keep our water intake up. What we often see though are people pushing through their personal training session without once reaching for the water bottle, assuming that they can top up when they are done.


London personal trainers Right Path Fitness say although you will indeed be able to get your hydration levels back up after you have exercised there are a few great reasons why it is better to stop and grab a drink at regular intervals during your training session. Water is a great regulator and helps to keep your body temperature level, of course when you are working hard your temperature will go up, and while we know the merits to increased heart-rate the same cannot be said of increased body temperature so it makes more sense to keep it level with some additional hydration.


An under-hydrated body performs worse than one that has plenty of fluids sloshing around. Water is a great transport system and helps move nutrients around the body to keep you energised, and it also lubricates the joints. So, no water can lead to feelings of tiredness, you may suffer from cramping muscles and even suffer from feelings of dizziness, all of which is going to negatively impact your performance, so remember to regularly reach for that water bottle. A quick way to see if you are hydrated well or not is to check the colour of your urine. If you have enough water moving around you should expect it to be pale straw-coloured or even clear. Very dark urine that is boarding on amber/brown is a definite sign that you need to be drinking more.


It can be tempting to fall for powerful advertising campaigns, and you will have no doubt seen many adverts boasting the merits of sports drinks. Honestly, for most people, water is just as good and will serve the same purpose. There is no real merit to sports drinks unless you are an extreme athlete, they contain potassium and electrolytes that can help boost performance over long periods. But, for most of us, they are just a source of calories we don’t need and worse still so much sugar they are going to negatively impact your efforts to get fit, especially if it is part of a weight loss plan. They can also contain more salt that most of us need, and many contain caffeine which is a diuretic which works against your efforts to stay hydrated.


The bottom line for most people is to drink more water. Before, during and after you exercise as this gives your body the best chance of staying correctly hydrated and aiding performance.

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