Sapp birch water is an organic, all-natural beverage that contains one key ingredient – birch sap. Harvested direct from the birch tree, it is never diluted with water, contains no added sugars and has only ten calories per 10 ounce bottle. In addition to original birch water, Säpp also offers two unique and organic, herbal infusions: nettle and rosehip. The infusions not only taste great, but throw in an extra whack of nutritional benefits for your skin and immune system.

Säpp works with local farmers to ensure we deliver the most authentic and mineral rich water. Company puts simplicity and sustainability at the core of its philosophy: a mature birch tree can produce up to 100 litres of sap per season, but we only take a small portion of that to ensure the tree naturally rejuvenates. We also make sure not to use the same trees two seasons straight.