Do You Know About Birch Water? Find Out Now

Do You Know About Birch Water? Find Out Now

You would have heard of birch water is alternatively referred to as bitch sap. The producers of this are the Betula genus trees. They find their use in skincare products. The specialty of this water is that it is harvested in a particular season, the spring. According to scientists, these trees store nutrients during the winter. As the seasons progress, they are released in their sap.

birch water

The texture of birch water

The birch water is colorless and clear. The taste is tangy but sweet. Post a few days, the water starts to ferment and the flavor becomes further acidic. It is okay for consumption at this point. These are made into a wine or syrup. Even beer lovers enjoy its taste. You would find bottled birch water at many stores, but these come added with flavors.

The wonderful benefits of bitch water

This nutrient-rich water was used by the sailors in the past, to keep distance from the disease called scurvy. Yes, it is that nutritious. This water is rich in magnesium and manganese. Just a drink would nourish your body with the recommended daily requirement of these nutrients.

It helps aid digestion and also keeps up the bone density across the individuals. The antioxidant properties are huge and they are able to sweep away all the free radicals in the body that accumulate with age, a bad diet, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Loaded with vitamin C, it provides adequate amounts of collagen to the skin, to keep it looking supple and young for a long time to come. Also, you can worry less about aging if you are consuming birch water regularly.

Hydrate yourself with birch water and prevent any electrolyte imbalances that many of us suffer from, after a long day at work or post a workout. You may consider this an equivalent to coconut water, but while less sugar. The collagen works wonderfully for the hair follicles too.

The downsides

Anything in moderation is safe. But if you were to overconsume, you would have to take the burden of the side effects. If you are allergic to pollen, especially birch pollen, stay away from birch water, as it can aggravate your allergy and be life-threatening. When manganese is available in such high amounts, there is a good chance that it would lead to toxicity in the body.


If your liver function is not that great, we recommend you stay away from this drink. Ensure that you limit yourself to fewer than three servings a day and you are good to go. Since there is no in-depth research in place, you should be careful about the quantities that you consume. If you stick to the limits, you can safely savor the wonderful benefits of this nutritious drink.

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