Säpp Organic Birch Water: Top 11 Healthy Winter Recipes

Winter is coming… and to stop you from going into instant hibernation mode at the thought of sub-zero temperatures, the team at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) have put together some of our favorite healthy winter warmers to see you through these dark, chilly times.

1. Warming pumpkin and butterbean bowl

This seasonal recipe from London wellbeing guru Madeline Shaw, is a firm favorite with the Säpp birch water team. We love the sweet burst the pomegranates add to this warm, rich vegetable dish.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: This is the perfect dish for meal-prep Sundays. Cook up a big batch, freeze in small portions and defrost throughout the week for quick, healthy, comforting dinners.

2. Ayurvedic green juice-soup fusion

This best-selling green soup from Kye’s Montana in Santa Monica, is the ultimate way to get all the detoxing benefits you usually drink in with a chilled green morning smoothie.

As Well + Good’s’ Sari Tuchman says: “Remember that whole ‘apple a day’ thing you grew up hearing? It’s kind of like that, only multiplied by 100.”

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: For the best results and to get straight to the cooking, make sure you soak the cashew nuts overnight.

3. Cauliflower, pear and fennel soup with parsnip chips  

Another great dish for prepping, freezing and enjoying on lazy winter days is this nourishing recipe from NYC’s eat.real.food. The sweet combo of cauliflower, pear and fennel is given the perfect finishing touch with these crunchy parsnip chips.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: This healthy winter warmer is the perfect excuse to cook up a big batch of parsnips chips to snack on during the week. We save ourselves time with a handy spiralizer

4. Vegan tortilla soup

This hearty soup is a must-try for any tofu lover. It’s filling, full of flavour and totally vegan-friendly. As Clean Food Dirty City points out, "It’s also great when you are traveling since you can find the ingredients in any grocery store."

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: If you’re not on a vegan diet, you can mix up this recipe with chicken instead of tofu for an equally delicious protein fix.

5. Spicy buckwheat noodles with tamarind sauce 

With so much veg on one plate, this is a such a feel-good dish to boost your immune system during cold winter days. We can’t get enough of the sweet and sour sauce with its chilli, maple syrup and tamarind mix – it’s absolutely divine.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: If you’re following a low fodmap diet, get your garlic flavour with garlic-infused oil instead.

6. Dal stuffed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a winter staple for the Säpp birch water team, and we love how they’re used in this quick vegetarian and organic meal. The balance of warm sweet flavours and rich spices is delivered to perfection.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Check out our favorite healthy NYC grocery stores here, where you can track down all your weekly spices and fresh, organic veg.

7. Gluten-free pumpkin dumplings with radicchio

These gluten-free dumplings are super light and super moreish. They’re also a lot easier to cook up than they look, making an impressive and hassle-free offering for dinner guests.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: We like our dumplings with a slightly firmer texture than the original recipe so as instructed, we slowly added more gluten-free flour, 1 tablespoon at a time, to the pasta dough.

8. Cannellini bean stew

Health goddess Deliciously Ella calls this creation ‘the world’s quickest stew’ - ideal for a quick comfort hit that you get from traditional winter stew. Very helpfully, she’ll also join you in the kitchen with this how-to video

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: To make sure you get this dish absolutely spot on, check out Deliciously Ella’s marinated kale recipe here

9. Hearty black bean and corn soup

This dish is as delicious as it looks, with a jam-packed combination of sweet corn, black beans, zucchini, tomato and vegetable stock, cilantro, lime, jalapeno, AND avocado.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Sprinkle hemp or chia seeds on top of your soup to get an added protein boost.

10. Lentil soup with chipotle yogurt

This vibrant, fiber-packed lentil dish is such a great healthy winter warmer. Although it might be tempting to be super-health conscious and cut out the chipotle yogurt topping, please don’t! It completely makes the dish. Just make sure you’re not overly generous with your chipotle serving and you’ll be fine.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: We absolutely love pairing this meal with some fresh out of the oven superfood bread. Check out our favorite recipe here


11. Cauliflower Brie Gratin

Admittedly, this is quite the naughty and decadent dish but a healthier take on everyone’s all-time favorite comfort food – good old mac n cheese! It’s a timeless meal that you can enjoy on its own or as a side dish.

Säpp birch water New York HQ top tip: Swap brie for low fat or lactose-free cheese if you’re looking for a less calorific or dietary-friendly meal.