Säpp Organic Birch Water: The 6 Best Breakfast Smoothies

Here at Säpp birch water New York HQ, we like to kick off our day with a whack of nutrients but without any sacrifice of flavor. We’ve rounded up six of our top drinkable breakfast smoothie recipes from some of the world’s best healthy bloggers and chefs. So raise your glass and enjoy!


1. Sweet sustenance smoothie from Crazy Sexy Juice

This hearty, nutty creamy smoothie is a sweet and filling way to kick off your day. Made with oats, banana, cinnamon, almond butter and a non-dairy milk of your choice – it’s utterly sumptuous and feels like you’re indulging but without any of the guilt of refined sugars and the like.

2. Happy digestion smoothie from Oh She Glows

This green and spicy smoothie is perfect for helping to aid digestion when you’re just not feeling quite 100%. So with a mix of pineapple, fresh ginger, parsley, avocado, banana and lemon – you’ll be drinking down a whole slew of vitamins that have dozens of anti-inflammatory benefits and are perfect for boosting your immune system and flushing out toxins (just like our very own organic birch water). 

New York has some of the best organic grocery stores to get all the fresh ingredients you need to make the best smoothies. Check out our top picks here.

3. Peach, cashew and bee pollen smoothie from Honestly Healthy

This is one of our favourite sips at Säpp birch water New York HQ – a fresh, lightly tart yet full-flavored breakfast smoothie option – the peach gives you that lifting kick you crave on slower mornings. When you want a break from oats and porridge, this is a damn tasty fruit-forward option. Plus the banana, coconut milk and cashew butter will all be sure to keep you fuller for longer.

4. Butternut squash smoothie recipe from Wholeheartedly Healthy

This is winter in a cup: with roasted butternut squash (cooled), vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and ginger – there is nothing that will put you into the festive mood better than this cup of veggie goodness. And with butternut squash’s natural sweetness, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth cravings straight off the bat.

5. Beetroot cinnamon smoothie from Hemsley and Hemsley

During the festive season we’re all inclined to indulge a bit more in things that are less than good for us, which is why we at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) like to keep our bodies in check with detoxing ingredients like beetroot. This smoothie is then filled out with almonds, banana, avocado, spinach, coconut oil and given a kick of extra sweetness with cinnamon, desiccated coconut and raw cacao nibs. It’s utterly delicious and will give you that detox you so thoroughly crave (especially when you have it alongside a bottle or three of birch water).

6. Anti-inflammatory berry, watermelon and ginger smoothie from The Full Helping

A really exciting, new find at Säpp birch water (New York HQ) is The Full Helping, with so many great recipes by NYC-based health writer and guru The Full Helping.  We love this concoction created in her own ‘tiny’ New York kitchen. A fruity, frosty and fiery number, this smoothie is perfect for a lighter breakfast or an on-the-go snack. While the watermelon and berries give it that summer sipping feel, the addition of chia seeds and avocado give it enough depth to last through winter. Our sugar-reducing tip? Swap the coconut water for our own organic birch water to ditch those extra cals and ramp up on the manganese.