Säpp's Top 5 Detox Tips

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Here at Säpp birch water (New York City HQ) we broke into 2016 with confidence that we could tackle any detox/veganuary challenge that was thrown our way. And now that we’re at the end of February, we want to keep those clean eating and drinking vibes going throughout the year. But where can we make those easy shortcuts to keep up the detox without too much difficulty? Well fear not, we’ve banged together a short list of five detox tips to keep up those resolution vibes.

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1. Fresh air

This might seem intuitive yet so many people neglect getting enough fresh air on a daily basis. Yes, we’re talking to you lunch-break skippers! So step away from your desk and go outside for a proper break – even that little walk to and from the office will give you some much needed fresh oxygen which helps our blood to circulate more efficiently. This helps to move toxins around our body towards our kidneys and liver where they are flushed out of the body. And to our fellow New Yorkers, even NYC air counts as fresh (enough).

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2. Drink more birch water

Yeah, you probably figured this one was going to be in here… but it really is one of the easiest ways to detox with absolute minimal effort. Birch water flushes out your system by keeping your kidneys, liver, colon and lymph nodes running efficiently. A trick to knowing you’re hydrated: you’ll probably need to pee every few hours (sorry if you think that’s an overshare, but it’s a failsafe method).

3. Light exercise

Hitting the gym hard for an hour each day is not the only way to stay active and fit. Cut yourself some slack folks… maybe instead of grabbing the train home, you decide to walk. Or if you can squeeze 15-30 minutes of extra time into your morning routine, then maybe try 30 days of yoga with Adriene. She’s a lovely, spritely gal who will put a bit more cheer into your AM sched – it’s free and if you’re not a yogi yet, then this is a perfect intro. If you’re a yoga pro, then this is a beautiful way to warm up and open your body for the day.

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4. Eat mindfully

Again this may seem obvious, but we’re all guilty of eating mindlessly – i.e. staring at a computer screen/TV or chowing down on a sandwich while on the go. But if we really make the effort to take the time to sit down, grab some cutlery, and look at as well as chew our food properly – then we might all be amazed at when we actually start to feel full. And you might not finish your whole plate, which means you’ll have a snack for later (win, win). This mindful eating will lend itself better to portion control, curbing hunger and ultimately to a better diet and digestion. While we’re on the topic of mindfulness, try to be more mindful in your day-to-day. By practicing yoga, taking walks or meditating – you’re lessening your stress levels which puts less pressure on your body and ultimately helps your metabolism to be more efficient.

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5. Green it up

Maximise your nutrient intake by simply adding more greens to your diet. Rather than focusing on limiting yourself or cutting down, just up your green veg quotient and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel. It's the easiest detox you'll ever do. You'll be fuller, more pumped with energy, and happier than ever before. So grab that kale and tuck in!