Six Reasons to Drink Birch Water Every Day

It’s winter. You’re feeling glum. The lack of sunshine, the relentless wind, and our flailing social calendar are hardly inspiring. So why not add a bit of natural boosting birch water into your daily routine? We swear it’s better than hibernating until spring. Refreshing and energy boosting, this nature on tap is pure power.

birch water new york city sapp low sugar

1. Lower your sugar intake

Rather than reaching for a sugary soda or syrup-filled vanilla latte, grab a birch water which has 70-80% less sugar than coconut water – that’s just under 1g per 100ml. With its refreshing and delicately subtle taste, you won’t be missing that whack of sugar any time soon.

birch water new york city sapp prevent stress

2. Prevent stress

Birch water is rich in manganese – it has five times the amount of a cup of kale – which helps to prevent stress. Plus it boosts your metabolism and improves your blood pressure.

birch water new york city sapp sustainability

3. Promote sustainability

From sourcing to bottling, simplicity and sustainability are at the core of our offering. Producing birch water is not detrimental to the birch trees and is a completely sustainable practice. There is only one time of the year to harvest the liquid – early spring, when the sap runs up the inside of the trunk to provide nutrients for the new leaves growing on the branches. It can be collected by driving taps into the base of the trunk or by cutting off the end of one of the branches and attaching a bottle.

birch water new york city sapp nature low calorie

4. Get back to nature

Sapp birch water is an all-natural, low calorie drink that you can enjoy on any occasion with less than 10 calories per bottle. And each sip brings you that much closer to earth and all of its wonderful nutrients.

birch water new york city sapp nature

5. Detox

Birch water is a great source of detox and is the perfect guilt-free refreshment – whether it’s post-workout or post-night out. Keep an eye out for our detox subscription to help you revitalise after intense periods.