Birch water whole foods

Birch water whole foods


Birch Sap

All That You Need to Know About Birch Sap

As a clear liquid, birch sap is letting people be aware of certain aspects that lie well within its capability. But these facts cannot be understood nor accepted without being familiarized with birch sap. The many elements that revolve around the same, including an introduction, are required to initiate the process of understanding birch sap. As a result, we are here to provide you with the same, so that the world can get to know all about birch sap. Hence, go ahead and read about a brief take on birch sap.


Birch sap or birch tree water is extracted from birch trees. For years, this particular water has been consumed in certain parts of the Northern hemisphere because it is a form of tradition. The health benefits that it provides stand to be the main reason why people began to consume the same and also why it is available in the United States. In terms of extraction, one needs to know that birch tree sap is provided by a number of species of birch trees ranging from Betula alba to Betula fontinalis.

Thanks to its rising popularity, birch water is now widely available both in the offline market as well as the online market. Apart from that, birch juice has also entered the space by pushing forward quality ingredients. But your source towards birch water need not come through markets. If you’re living in an area with birch trees, then you can also go ahead to make sap beverages from the same.



If you wish to collect birch water, then you will have to drill a hole into the trunk of the tree in an upward angle. The sap can be loaded into a container using a tube or other such materials. But the process cannot be carried on during any time of the year because it also stands to be unpalatable. Due to that, it is ideal for carrying it on during springtime since the temperatures will be above freezing. On the other hand, you should also make sure that the tree is healthy. By following all this particular process, you can go ahead to extract birch water and consume it immediately.


The health benefits of birch water are another topic that has been gaining a lot of attention. So to drive that momentum forward, here are a few benefits of birch water.

  1. An essential source of nutrients.
  2. Helps to reduce cavities and cellulite.
  3. Supports the functioning of the Liver and Kidneys.
  4. Enhances bloating and healing.
  5. Lowers the level of cholesterol in your body.
  6. Contains antioxidant properties.


Top Benefits of Drinking Birch Water

Exploring birch water is a great move that will turn out to hit you with a bunch of benefits. Thanks to its composition and inclusion of nutrients, every single individual stands to benefit from drinking birch water. By making it a habit, things tend to get a lot more interesting, and you will begin to gain from the same. So to initiate this process, we are going to tell you all about the top benefits of birch water. Hence, go ahead and read them out loud and clear.


Lowers Cholesterol

Not many are aware of the fact that birch water can lower your level of cholesterol. The blood cholesterol-reducing property that is found in birch water is mainly responsible for this, and the compound is known to be highly effective. Moreover, saponin binds bile acids and cholesterol that, in turn, helps facilitate absorption. As a result, it provides a powerful solution that everyone needs to understand. Once you begin to realise the same, then your system will get accustomed to it, and the rest will be remembered for good.


The compound saponin does more than just lowering your cholesterol level as it also flushes out waste through the urinary tract. As a result, it supports the functioning of your kidneys and lets the entire process head in the right direction. On the other hand, the sap in birch trees is known to be an agent for detoxifying the liver. It eliminates all the toxins processed by the liver, including saturated fat and alcohol. Due to that, the process of the liver is also supported, thanks to birch water.


Birch water is a popular ingredient in lotions and other such skincare products. The main reason for the same is due to its vitamin C content that goes ahead to stimulate the production of collagen. As a protein, collagen will keep your skin healthy and hydrated. So by drinking birch water, your skin begins to improve, and this is a fact that skincare product manufacturers are beginning to realise. Hence, opt for the natural way and proceed to consume birch water.


Birch water has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to reduce swelling and help conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis. So when you drink birch water, you are also preventing the buildup of crystals in the joints that mainly cause pain. This particular tapped water relieves you from pain and pushes you forward to function in a comfortable manner. Hence, when you sum these points, you will get a basic idea about a couple of benefits of drinking birch water.

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