Säpp Smoothies for Every Occasion

There's nothing worse than falling into a smoothie rut. The same concoction day after day can get super boring, making you want to reach for a less healthy option, so it's important to keep switching up your nutrient-dense treat with new ingredients to keep your tastebuds happy.

As far as function goes, you also want to make sure your smoothie ingredients are best suited to your nutrition goals, so you get the most out of your liquid meal. For example, you'll want your smoothie to be a bit more hearty with the addition of nut butter and banana if it's serving as your breakfast or meal replacement, and you'll want it to be a bit lighter with an extra dose of nutritents (read: leafy greens) if you are detoxing.

As luck would have it, Säpp Birch Water is not only a fantastic hydrator on its own, it makes an awesome addition to your smoothie. Each flavor provides a unique taste and added nutritional punch whether you're having breakfast on the go or refueling after an intense workout.

Here are three smoothie recipes tailored to fit any occasion wheather it's for Breakfast, Detox, or to refuel Post-Workout using our three signature flavors: Original, Nettle, and Rosehip.

Bottoms up!

Yaroslav KhromyakComment